Kids Party

Is your kid celebrating a birthday, graduation or an awesome report card?  Does your kid love art and painting?  Then we have a fun paint party for you!  These parties are designed for any kid, tween, teen of 4 years old and up.  What's included?  

  • 2 hours in the studio

  • Painting of your choice. Each kid will take away an 11x14 canvas!

  • Face paint (if time permits)

  • Playroom time

  • Personalized Portrait of the birthday boy or girl that's pre-drawn and painted in by their friends for an additional $10 (optional)

  • Our art studio is already so colorful, no need for decorations, but you can bring a few things if you like!!

  • You can bring in pizza, sandwiches, cupcakes or alike for the kids

  • $350 for up to 12 kids including b’day child ($30 for each additional child). 24 kids maximum.

  • If custom painting is requested... $40 custom painting fee will be added

  • But how does it work? Most parties start with 20-3o minutes of face paint, painting of custom portrait (if chosen to) and play time then we start the pre-selected painting project which is step-by-step guided instruction with an instructor. Midway through event we have yummy food break. Then we complete our painting and finish the party with group photos, then singing Happy Birthday to birthday boy or girl, and then cupcakes and goodbyes!

  • Want more time to party? Extra half hour is $50 and extra 1 hour is $100 (if available)

  • Have a kid that's under 4 year of age who will attend your party but not paint? The child may play in our playroom but there will be a $10 per kid fee to play

  • For Togo options see Paint 'N Play page

  • *Liability waivers must be signed for all kids events

  • Please email/call if anyone has a latex allergy. We will make special arrangements for them.



The studio

Each canvas is pre-drawn for kids that are younger in age.  For kids 8 and up they can usually handle drawing unless it is complicated.  We can discuss what's best for your party.


Choose a Painting

Kid chooses a painting from our selection or we can come up with a custom option*  Each kid has the opportunity to make the painting unique!

*Certain customization may require $40 extra fee



Face Paint

Kids have the choice of face paint! 


Portrait to take home

Each birthday boy or girl gets a pre-drawn canvas that their friends paint in of them so they can take home a customized portrait!


Play Room

To break up the painting fun and to allow drying time in between certain steps we have play breaks in the fun play room!


Ready to plan your kids party?  Call or email us today!