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Dog, Cat, Rat, Turtle. We've done it all...

If you're a pet lover you'll love this event!  This event is held only once a month and limited to 10 people.  Send in a photo of your pet ie. think your pet's headshot (head and shoulders looking at the camera).  We will pre-draw the animal for you and we will even have our professional artist pre-paint in the nose and eyes unless you request otherwise.  Seats are available for purchase online via the SIGN UP page.

  • $85 includes one pet on an 11x14 canvas

  • If you'd like to include 2 pets on 1 canvas then you can upgrade to a 16x20 canvas for an additional $50. Total: $135 16x20 canvas with 2 pets

  • Each canvas includes artist pre-drawing your animal and pre-painting in eyes and nose unless told otherwise

  • Must be 21+

  • Wine and beer for $5 a serving, $19 a bottle or bring your own bottle of wine for a $8 corkage fee.

  • You'll go home with a uniquely yours 11x14 canvas (includes 1 pet)

  • General discounts, vouchers, certificates, gift cards do not apply to this event unless noted

  • Please email/call if you have a latex allergy. We will make special arrangements for you.