Want to paint with your child or grandchild...

We've got you covered!  We offer special events that are family-friendly.  These events are different from our regular adult and kid classes  as this is for a group of all ages. We offer this option where you can paint with someone who is under 21 years of age. These classes are non-alcoholic events . You may buy soda or water from us as well as snacks.

Paint 'n Family: $425 flat rate for up to 12 people ($30 to add additional painters)

  • 2 hours (Please have your party arrive on time. Party will not be extended due to late arrivals or unfinished paintings)

  • Events are offered on weekdays, weeknights Mon-Thurs and Saturday & Sunday daytimes

  • Kids should be 4 years and up (if you have a younger child let's talk about options)

  • Each family member will go home with uniquely theirs 11x14 or 16x20 painting and a smile on their faces

  • EMAIL or CALL for details

  • General discounts, vouchers, certificates, gift cards do not apply to these events unless noted

  • Please email/call if anyone has a latex allergy. We will make special arrangements for them.