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Want S'more...

Paint S'more classes are designed for people who enjoyed their art experience in one of the other kinds of events and want to take their painting to the next level or you simply want to learn to paint. These classes are 4-weeks long and you work on the same painting for 4 weeks while a professional artist teaches you painting techniques. We always offer to pre-draw the subject matter for you. As our motto goes "it's a painting class not a drawing class" so don't be intimidated if you can't draw a straight line.  We've got you covered! Students start with simpler paintings and gradually build up to more complex and eventually after taking multiple sessions you can bring in your own photos and make them into a masterpiece!  

  • $139 for 4 classes which is $34 per class

  • Includes a pre-drawn sketch

  • Must be 21+

  • Wine and beer for $5 a serving, $19 a bottle or bring your own bottle of wine for a $8 corkage fee

  • You'll go home with a uniquely yours 16x20 canvas

  • General discounts, vouchers, certificates, gift cards do not apply to this event unless noted

  • Please email/call if you have a latex allergy. We will make special arrangements for you.